June 4th-11th

We have a lot of exciting things coming up this week.

Wednesday night @ 7:00 pm.
We’ll continue our look at 2 Peter. As believers we know that we will face attack and persecution from unbelievers but it can be surprising when the attacks come from within the church. Peter helps us prepare ourselves to spot those who not only join the church but also take positions of leadership. You don’t want to miss this!

Friday night @ 7:00 pm.
We will have our Young Adult Small Group. Last week we began our look at Luke chapter 15 where we saw Jesus teach us about God’s joy over repentant sinners. This week we will study the story of the prodigal son. But did you know the story is actually about the Father. Join us to see.

Sunday School @ 10:00 am.
We will continue our overview of the book “The Truth War.” It helps us identify the enemies attacks on the word of God and how to best defend it.

Sunday Service @ 11:00 am.
Our study of John’s gospel allows us to look closely at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This week we will see Jesus drive out those who abused the temple of God.

Please feel free to contact us with any question.

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